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Mastering Marketing with Minimalism: The Undeniable Edge of Short URL QR Codes Over Long Ones

Short URLs embedded in QR codes have become popular in marketing for several reasons compared to long URLs. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Scannability

Ease of Scanning: Short URLs allow for simpler and less dense QR codes which are easier and quicker to scan. Long URLs can result in dense and complex QR codes which may take more time to scan or may not be scanned accurately, especially with lower-quality smartphone cameras.

2. Aesthetics

  • Clean Appearance: Short URLs result in QR codes with fewer modules (the black and white squares), making for a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This can be especially important in marketing where visuals play a crucial role.
  • Branding: Some short URL services allow for customizations that can help with branding. For instance, a short URL like “” looks more professional and is brand-reinforcing compared to a long, cumbersome URL.

3. Tracking and Analysis

Analytics: Short URL services often come with built-in analytics platforms that allow for the tracking of QR code performance in real-time. They can provide insights on metrics like the number of scans, location of scans, and the devices used, which can be invaluable for marketing analysis and optimizing campaigns.

4. User Experience

  • Memorable: While the primary interaction with QR codes is through scanning, a short URL is easier to remember and type in if needed, providing a better user experience.
  • Mobile Optimization: Short URLs take up less space both visually and digitally, which is favorable in mobile-centric QR code campaigns.
Pull the slider to the right to see a QR code built with the normal URL and then pull it to the left to see a short URL QR.

5. Error Correction

Short URLs can result in QR codes with a higher error correction level. This means that they can still be scanned even if they are slightly damaged or obscured. It’s particularly useful in outdoor or print advertising where the QR code might be exposed to wear and tear.

6. Flexibility and Control

Redirection: Short URLs are often easier to manage and redirect without having to create a new QR code. This flexibility can be a major advantage in marketing campaigns, allowing for quick changes in the targeted landing pages or content.

7. Cost Efficiency

Printing Costs: Shorter URLs may result in smaller QR codes, which could potentially save costs in printing, especially in marketing materials where space is at a premium.

8. Performance

Loading Time: Short URLs embedded in QR codes can lead to faster loading times, especially on mobile devices with varying internet speeds.


By utilizing short URLs in QR codes, marketers can create more effective, user-friendly, and analytically rich campaigns, ultimately enhancing their marketing efforts.

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