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What is an EDDM?

It stands for “Every Door Direct Mail”. Basically it allows us to pick a zip code or area for marketing to and USPS handles the delivery. There is no address list for us to buy and it keeps marketing costs low. Click Here for more information.

WHEN will the mailer be delivered?

Our target date for having the mailer show up in mailboxes is Thursday, September 19th.

what kind of mailer are you sending out?

We are sending out a 4 page full color printing. In a newspaper style print. I can stop by your business and show you an example.

Will my ad be overlooked with so many other businesses advertising?

No, we actually found having multiple advertisers has the opposite effect. With multiple businesses advertising, people are much more likely to set the advertisement aside and let other members of the family view it.

If you are a carpet cleaner advertising by yourself and the person receiving your advertisement doesn’t need carpet cleaning, then it goes in the trash. If there was also a Ice Cream business with coupon on the same advertisement, much more people are going to hold on to the advertisement.

where will the mailer be sent? what area or zipcodes?

We will be sending the mailers to addresses in 93720 and 93730. There is a map below, the highlighted blue area is where the mailer will go.