Do Not Let Someone Else Register Your Domain Name!


Protect your domain name and take control of your online presence! Let me share a story that unfortunately happens far too often. We’ll follow the journey of Bob, the owner of a thriving frozen yogurt business, and shed light on a situation that could have been prevented. Note that while Bob and his business are real, the names have been altered to maintain confidentiality.

Bob’s frozen yogurt business is gaining popularity among local school kids, and his success is on the rise. As his reputation grows, a couple of local web developers approach Bob, eager to handle his digital marketing. Intrigued by the opportunity, Bob enters into a verbal agreement with the developers, entrusting them to build his website. Within a few weeks, the website is up and running, and Bob is filled with excitement. Sounds promising, right?


Over the next three to four months, Bob discovers that his website isn’t effectively converting visitors into customers. Many of the developers’ initial promises fade away, and Bob’s concerns are met with indifference. Communication becomes strained, leaving Bob questioning the value of his $1000 monthly investment in web hosting and SEO services. Is this really the best use of his marketing budget?


As tensions rise, money becomes a point of contention, exacerbating the already strained communication between Bob and the web developers. Realizing that Bob is no longer a lucrative client, the inexperienced developers gradually sever ties and communication almost comes to a halt. Consequently, Bob’s website suffers frequent outages, often displaying a discouraging message: “This website has been suspended,” without any further explanation.

In search of a solution, Bob eventually finds a knowledgeable web developer who seems to hold the key to his predicament. Hoping for a hero to save the day, Bob entrusts this new developer with his website woes. Unfortunately, Bob’s hopes are shattered when he learns that his previous web developers still retain ownership of his domain name, with no intention of relinquishing it to Bob.


To put it bluntly, Bob never reclaims his original domain name from his former web developers. Consequently, he is forced to undertake an extensive rebranding effort, changing the web address on his business cards, signage, letterhead, social media accounts, and more. As a result, Bob incurs substantial marketing costs, not to mention the loss of business opportunities.

Had Bob registered his own domain name, he could have effortlessly redirected his web address to a new server within minutes. This would have spared him the inconvenience of prolonged downtime, additional marketing expenses, and the countless headaches outlined above.


Remember, don’t allow someone to hold your domain name hostage. Take charge by registering your own domain and securing your online future. Your business and your peace of mind are worth it! Registering your own domain name takes a few minutes, minutes Bob will gladly invest in the future.

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Good Luck!

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