Do Not Let Someone Else Register Your Domain Name!

“Do not create a scenario that allows someone to hold your domain name hostage, register your own!”


Here is a story that happens with regular frequency. We’ll use “Bob” and his frozen yogurt business as an example. Bob’s froYo business is a real business and this is a real situation, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Bob’s frozen yogurt business is becoming popular with the kids from the nearby school and business is good. Bob is getting noticed by the community and soon he is contacted by a couple of local web developers who would like to manage his digital marketing. As a result, Bob enters a verbal agreement with the web developers to build him a website. The website is done and active within a few weeks time, Bob is excited. Great News right?

Bob’s website is not converting!

During the next 3 to 4 months, Bob realizes that his website is not converting web visitors into new customers. And most of the promises have been forgotten, Bob’s concerns are ignored and soon communication with Bob’s web developers is strained. Bob starts to wonder if his monthly payment of $1000 for web hosting and SEO services is a good use of his marketing dollar.

The disagreement

Soon there is a disagreement over money, communication between Bob and the web developers worsens. As a result, Bob’s rookie web developers realize they are not going to earn any more money from Bob. Most importantly communication almost stops completely. After the disagreement, Bob’s website is only online part of the time. Often customers are met with a message that says “This website has been suspended” and no other explanation.

Bob finds a new web developer with a lot of knowledge and answers to all his questions. He thinks he has found his hero that will fix the situation he’s in. Bob is incorrect because Bob’s old web developers own his domain name and have no plans to hand over the domain name to Bob.

The conclusion

In short, Bob never recovers his original Domain Name from his first web developers. Eventually, Bob must change the web address on his business cards, signage, letterhead, social media accounts and more. In conclusion, the first web developers have cost him thousands of dollars in marketing costs, and not to mention the loss in actual business.

If Bob had registered his own domain name, he could have pointed his web address to a new web server in a matter of minutes. Avoiding any extended downtime, avoiding extra marketing costs and all of the hassle detailed above.

How to register your own domain name.

Registering your own domain name takes a few minutes, minutes Bob will gladly invest in the future.

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Google is one way to register your domain name. Register your domain @ Google Prices start at $12/year

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