Creative ways to drive traffic to your website in 2019.

This post is assuming you already have a website or online presence and you are trying to drive traffic. Finding website visitors without spending a lot of money can seem tricky at times. Below I will cover some creative ways to drive traffic.

1. Vehicle License Plates. California Vehicle License Plates start at $50 for the first year and have a maximum of 7 characters. This domain somewhat resembles the record7 business name. I have analytics set up for's incoming visitors, so I can specifically track my return. The California "Legacy" plates shown cost $50 for the first year and $40 renewal.

2. #HASHTAGS. Social Media hashtags are great marketing tools in social media spaces like Instagram, Twitter, and others. Hashtag your city, school, business, groups, hobbies ... anything related to your post, take a moment and add some magic.

3. Create Good Content. Your business should have a blog, a blog for you to show your knowledge of your field. Blogs with good content drive traffic to your website. Click to see an example of a entertaining piece of content that is driving traffic to record7.

QR code for a record7 graphic designer, web designer Fresno, Clovis, Ca

4. QR Codes on the back of your vehicle! Have you ever been driving and saw a business advertised on a vehicle that you wanted to look up? but didn't have time to save their domain name? Most phone cameras launch browsers automatically if you just point them at the QR code.

Be creative, look around you, look to friends, look to family, look to nearby businesses, share marketing costs, go outside, take a breath, open your eyes and you just might find a marketing gem.

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