Are you starting a new business? Read this before you pick your business name.

I talk to a good number of small businesses, microbusinesses, and people in the beginning stages of a business. More often than not people choose a business name before doing any research. They start to envision the business and name in their minds, maybe for a few months or maybe longer. Either way an emotional bond to that name starts before any research has been done. Do your research first!

Once you have a potential name … Google it! See what comes back, is someone using it? has someone used it in the past? is someone using a close variation? Is the domain name available or does someone else own it? Will there be any confusion? Avoid conflict, reduce risk, save money.

When choosing record7 as a business name I looked for any potential issues or conflicts with other businesses. Do your research!

Rex Howell Jr. record7 cofounder

short checklist:

  • check for name conflicts online, mainly Google but other search engines like Bing
  • look for alternative spellings, variations, and misspellings.
  • check fictitious business name filings at your local County Clerks Office.
  • keep the name in front of you, print it out, write it down, say it over and over aloud and in your head.

After choosing record7 for my business name and doing my research I bought and quickly realized I didn’t want to have to explain ” Visit my website, the 7 is the number 7, not spelled seven “ … why would I do that? So I purchased

A little research and planning at the start can go a long way to avoiding risk and keeping costs down.

Rex Howell Jr. record7 cofounder

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In conclusion the #1 step you should take before choosing a business name? Research, research, research!

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